CTI partners with industry experts and cannabis organizations to develop compelling and relevant education tracks. Our cannabis courses are hosted securely on Adobe Connect, which allows learning content to be shared easily in a self-designed, self-paced education track. In cooperation with Americans for Safe Access, Cannabis Training Institute co-produces the ASA-CTI Core Cannabis Training curriculum, with an optional testing component for full ASA-CTI Certification. We are actively forging alliances with other leading cannabis educators and organizations, so please check back often as we add new courses and new options for continuing education and cannabis industry certification.

Cannabis Education Tracks

Cannabis Training InstituteTM provides curriculum-based educational opportunities, as well as smaller course bundles organized by topic. CTI offers four cannabis education tracks:

  • The Business of Cannabis: The Business of Cannabis track is designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and investors in a world where state laws are often ambiguous and federal conflict remains. The courses will provide insights on the cannabis-specific challenges and recommendations surrounding planning, forecasting, and marketing in both the retail and cultivation trades.
  • Advanced Cannabis Education: This track is being designed for professionals looking to broaden their knowledge base to include cannabis. The first training modules for advanced learners are now available for those in the medical field. The modules cover the endocannabinoid system, how cannabis acts as a medicine, and what one should consider when recommending cannabis as part of a patient’s treatment plan.
  • Cannabis Industry Certification: Cannabis Training InstituteTM was created in large part to meet the urgent need for cannabis industry training and certification. CTI works with leading cannabis organizations to provide patients and workers with a strong knowledge base. Completion of state-specific training modules may be required to comply with local regulations.
  • Cannabis Law and Politics: While the end of cannabis prohibition in the United States is growing closer, it took decades of political and legal struggles to reach this point. Understanding how cannabis policy is shaped by advocacy, politics, court rulings and government has never been more important. Cannabis laws are complex and evolving, covering everything from employment and parental rights to taxes and dispensary permits. Whether you want to change the world or simply develop support with your city council, CTI is there for you in the beginning and along the way on your journey through the exciting world of cannabis law and politics.

Cannabis Education Courses

In our Business of Cannabis education track, you will soon find courses targeted to investors and entrepreneurs as well as course modules where you will learn how to grow cannabis, process cannabis, test cannabis, open a collective or dispensary, run a dispensary and ship and store cannabis. Making cannabis concentrates, edibles, topicals, and tinctures will also be among CTI’s offerings.

CTI is also committed to industry certification and is proud to offer ASA-CTI Core Cannabis Training, which updates and expands cannabis education materials developed by the Americans for Safe Access Foundation. The Core Training curriculum is a required component for ASA-CTI Certification. CTI is also working with other content providers to create state-specific workforce certification programs.