Dispensary Technician Certification Course

Dispensary Technician Certification Course

This online Dispensary Technician Certification course provides dispensary staff with operational, medicinal and customer relations knowledge built on industry best practices, with a focus on professionalism and community relations. Students who complete the course receive a CTI Dispensary Technician certificate.

Dispensary Technician Training + Certification is presented using rich media and interactive slides. For more detail on the course, view the course syllabus to the right.

Note: Successful completion of Dispensary Technician Training does not automatically result in certification. A passing score of 80 percent or greater on the final exam is a minimum requirement for certification. Students receive further instructions about the testing procedure when they register.

101: The History of Marijuana as a Medicinal Drug

A quick presentation on highlights in the history of cannabis as a medicinal drug.

102: Dispensary Operations

This lesson focuses on what a dispensary is and the roles and responsibilities it has to both patients and communities.

103: Dispensary Technician – Definition and Role

The important roles a dispensary technician plays in the patient experience are outlined in this module.

104: Dispensary Technician Responsibilities

This lesson covers the duties expected of a dispensary technician, including security measures, storage of cannabis and accurate record keeping.

105: Dispensary Policies and Procedures

Guidelines for operating a dispensary are detailed in this lesson – from opening and closing procedures to inventory management and sales.

106: Patient Care

This lesson covers patient verification, in-take and orientation, as well as the important distinctions between recommendations and prescriptions.

107: Patient/Customer Education

The important topics of safety precautions, product care, methods of medicating and tolerance are highlighted in this lesson.

108: Medical Conditions and Cannabinoids

This lesson defines over 30 disease states and offers information on how cannabis might help with their treatment.

109: Managing the Patient Experience

This lesson offers guidance on recognizing cultural differences, how to enroll new patients and identifying and connecting with those patients.

110: Medical Cannabis Types

Detailed information on the three types of medical cannabis, specific medical strains and the endocannabinoid system is presented in this lesson.

111: Inventory

Practices and procedures for creating an Inventory Control plan including general management, policies, packaging, transfer and auditing.

112: Recordkeeping

The topics covered in the recordkeeping lesson include accounting procedures, recordkeeping procedures, security policies and accessibility of records.

113: Business Management

This lesson presents an overview of administration, staffing, management duties, staff training and employee rights.

Course Assessments

Questions are included within the course to reinforce learning along the way. A comprehensive, end-of-course exam promotes deeper understanding and retention.

You Will Learn About:

  • Dispensary Technician Responsibilities
  • Medical Cannabis Types
  • Medical Conditions/Treatment Options
  • Policies and Procedures
    (Operations, Inventory, and Sales)
  • Patient Care and Education
    (Safety, Medicating, Tolerance)


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