Greta Carter to speak at national CannaBusiness Money Show

Greta Carter, founder and president of Cannabis Training Institute TM, will speak at Marijuana Business Daily’s CannaBusiness Money Show in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco from April 2-7. The full-day seminars and networking events will focus on the cannabis industry and financial management. Carter will join top experts to discuss cash management tactics for all-cash businesses; the banking dilemma and potential solutions; optimizing business structure to stay compliant with IRS tax codes; profitability benchmarks and non-profit considerations, and identifying funding for specific business models.

Carter is an industry leader and presenter appearing on network, regional and local news outlets. She will discuss how to creatively raise capital in an industry where it can be difficult to pay taxes and establish bank accounts, among other challenges. Her keen understanding of finance ultimately contributed to Carter owning multiple cannabis businesses including Cannabis Training Institute, The Hope Clinics in Seattle and a dispensary. Carter is currently applying to grow cannabis in Washington under the state’s new I-502 regulations and is expanding her business into Nevada.

“I am excited to share with others that this industry is just unfolding and the opportunities for responsible entrepreneurs are great. However, it is important to understand when the product is in governmental conflict,” Carter said. “All of the experts who are scheduled to speak at the shows are nationally recognized in the industry. They are key influencers in finance, law, taxation, banking, education, and production and distribution, to name a few.”

The CannaBusiness Money Show begins at 9:30 a.m. each day in:

The business seminars are targeted toward cannabis entrepreneurs and investors, and seating is limited. Sessions will include discussions and Q&A sessions with industry experts. Each full-day seminar costs $399 per person and includes lunch and evening refreshments. To register, call (401) 354-7555, ext. 1, or visit the CannaBusiness Money Show website.

Carter is well known for her expertise in cannabis healthcare, education and business. She helped to organize Americans for Safe Access chapters throughout the State of Washington. In 2011, Carter initiated and helped to create the Seattle Medical Marijuana Ordinance. She has written political and legal articles to support industry stakeholders who self-govern in the absence of regulation. She also founded the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics.

Additionally, Carter actively participates in the state bill writing process for better legislation around medical cannabis. She co-founded the 280(e) Defense Coalition, which protests the obscure IRS tax code that threatens state-recognized cannabis dispensaries. She also holds conferences to educate dispensaries, lawyers, and tax professionals about tax issues. Carter owns and operates The HOPE Clinics in Seattle, where doctors can recommend medical cannabis as an option for patients with qualifying medical conditions.

Carter’s most recent business milestone includes launching CTI’s online educational tracks for ASA, the nation’s leading advocacy group for people who use cannabis as medicine. The ASA-CTI Core Cannabis Training> curriculum is designed to help healthcare providers, dispensary workers, cannabis patients and advocates, public officials, law enforcement, and others expand their base of cannabis knowledge. The curriculum forms the online core of ASA’s Patient Focused Certification, which is based on the quality standards for medical cannabis products and businesses issued by the American Herbal Products Association and the American Herbal Pharmacopeia.

For more information about CTI, call 206.466.1766 or visit