Dispensary Technician Certification

disp-course-homeOn-demand, compliant certification course equips staff in your state with operational, medicinal and customer relations knowledge built on industry best practices. Course covers:

  • • Cannabis History and Uses in Medicine
  • • Business Policies and Procedures
  • • Patient Care
  • • Safety, Dosage and Prescriptions

ASA-CTI Core Cannabis Certification

first-course-homeAmericans for Safe Access and CTI created the ASA-CTI Certification program to help medical cannabis patients understand and comply with state and local cannabis laws. Course covers:

  • • Cannabis Law
  • • Cannabis as Medicine
  • • Cannabis Business Operations

Patient Focused Certifications

The Patient Focused Certification (PFC) Program helps companies that are cultivating, manufacturing and distributing products achieve a commitment to quality and product safety. The four PFC courses are:

  • • Cannabis Distribution Operations Standards
  • • Cannabis Cultivation and Processing Operations
  • • Cannabis Laboratory Standards
  • • Cannabis Manufacturing Standards

What Learners Have to Say

“The Cannabis Training Institute proved to be very informative and the curriculum was organized and easy to follow. I’m definitely more prepared for my MMJ journey after completing the course.”
Skipper Kelp, Canalysis Laboratories

“The [ASA-CTI Core Cannabis Training curriculum] provided a great overview of industry in covering modules on cannabis law, medicine, and politics.” –
Tim B, Denver, CO

“CTI has put some serious thought into the art of online teaching. The program combines expert speakers, always identified, helpful, sometimes animated diagrams, and frequent quizzes… for online education, it is very good.” – Judith Stamps, Cannabis Digest

“I had a terrific experience taking the CTI Certification course. It was straightforward, well delivered, and easy to navigate.” – Diana B, Las Vegas, NV